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HORIZONT M2 - Large semiautomatic screen printing machine

HORIZONT M2 - Large semiautomatic screen printing machine
Print format1000 x 1600 mm1500 x 2200 mm
Plate size1200 x 1900 mm1700 x 2450 mm
Max. frame size1500 x 2100 mm2000 x 3050 mm
Height of printed material8 mm16 mm
Width1700 mm2300 mm
Length4865 mm6320 mm
Height1450 mm1500 mm
Weight650 kg850 kg
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note: CIMA-Zlin produces CIMA HORIZONT M2 in other sizes,
following specific demands by the customers.
Let us introduce you a model of a screen-printing semiautomatic machine with an integrated UV-bridge designed for printing on large-scale materials.

In reaction to much more frequent usage of UV colours in screen-printing workshops, we in CIMA Zlin Company have developed the CIMA HORIZONT M2 which uses an integrated UV-bridge. Due to the implementation of the new UV-bridge technology we are able to satisfy all the needs of the market at present - e.g. CIMA HORIZONT M2 minimalizes the time interval between printing and drying and markedly reduces the time of exposure of the printed areas to dust particles, which highly improves the quality of the print; also the subsequent manipulation with the printed material becomes much more flexible. With CIMA HORIZONT M2 don't need our customers longer a conveyer, which would only increase the printing costs. With CIMA HORIZONT M2 it is possible to print with accuracy on heavy and large materials, such as glass or tin boards and desks. Drying process takes place right on the printing desk.

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