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HORIZONT M1 - Semiautomatic screen printing machine

HORIZONT M1 - Semiautomatic screen printing machine
Technical dataCIMA HORIZONT M1
Print format500 x 700 mm
Plate size700 x 1000 mm
Max. frame size920 x 1000 mm
Height of printed material0 - 150 mm
Elec. Connection3 x 400 V 50 Hz +PE
Electric Input0,5 kW
Width1200 mm
Length1500 mm
Height1900 mm
Weight395 kg
PLC control system
OP panel
Register pins - on demand
Optic barrier
The CIMA HORIZONT M1 is a semiautomatic machine with horizontal lifting of the sandwich-style dural printing plate used for the printing of surface materials with a max. thickness of 150 mm. Its max. print format is 500 x 700 mm.
The easily adjustable working plate can have register pins which allow absolutly precise register. Another advantage of this equipment is the quolity of feeding printed material by an efficient noiseless air pump (suction combined with escape). Limitation of lifting can shorten working process and therefore working cycle is faster. All functions of this equipment are controled by automatic or manual control system. It is equipped with a display, a counter and an error signalling. The control system allows programming of different types of cycles to the basic setting with the possibility of switching from one cycle to another any time. The setting of different functions is easy. E.g. - Pause and smooth regulation of speed of travel - Precise adjustment of down pressure of squegee. Foot control or rerun of cycles can be chosen. The equipment has a pneumatic fixing of the screen, an optic barrier and a cover which protect the machine operator against evaporation. The working place is lit by a lamp.

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