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ACT - Screen washout booth

ACT - Screen washout booth
Technical dataACT
Materialantistatic polypropylene
Blindlamella (Al)
Exhaustinghosepipe ø 160 mm
Capacity50 l
Sizes of box:
height2130 mm
length2000 mm
depth1000 mm
weight105 kg
Max. washed frame size1800 x 1000 mm
Drive mediumcompressed air
Max. pressure5 bar
Max. flow rate15 l/min
It is possible to manufacture a Screen washout booth of different sizes.
The ACT screen washout booth is equipment for comfortable easy quick and safety cleaning of screens.
It's made from antistatic polypropylene. It's equiped with a wash brush, a blind from aluminium lamella and connection of exhausting. It have closed circulation of detergent, which is filtered in tank repeated use. A pump powered by compressed air, thereby allow long lifetime and safety runing.

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