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ACM - Screen washout booth

ACM - Screen washout booth
Technical dataACM
Max. washed frame size1500 x 1000 mm
Service pipe {water}2 x 1/2
SeweragePVC 40
Electrical connection 1N PE 230 V 50 Hz / 16 A
Height2000 mm
Width2000 mm
Depth900 mm
It posible to manufacture a screen washout booth of different sizes.
The ACM screen washout booth is equipment for manual developing, wash and anpiling of screens with water processes.
Thanks to its shape can you use high-pressure of water (detergent) without exhalation of water fog outside. Basic case and tub is welded together from special antistatic polypropylene, which is chemical resisting. It's easy to wash the face. The backside is acrylate or polyester and is areally light up with diffuse light. The equipment can you connect to standard service pipes. Polypropylene case stay on a steel stand. This construction allow easy transport and moving through standardized building gaps.

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