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PVR - Vacuum copying frame

PVR - Vacuum copying frame
Technical dataPVR 1PVR 2
Max. frame size1000 x 1250 mm1400 x 1950 mm
Glass size1400 x 1650 mm1800 x 2300 mm
Sizes in vertical position:
Width1000 mm1400 mm
Length2000 mm2700 mm
Height1600 mm2000 mm
Sizes in horizontal position:
Width1500 mm1900 mm
Length2000 mm2700 mm
Height900 mm1100 mm
Weight160 kg260 kg
Elec. Connection1 N PE 230 V 50 Hz / 16 A
Suction capacity3 m3 / hod.3 m3 / hod.
Yellow lightPHILIPS 36 WPHILIPS 36 W
The PVR VACUUM COPYING FRAME is a large machine intended for the transfer of film transparencies to the screen with the aid of a vacuum.
The frame is built on a movable stand, on which there is a rotation inserted glass plate. The frame is hinged to the stand with a special rubber membrane. The clasped frames can be attached in a horizontal or vertical position. The frame is secured with gas stays, which enable the easy opening and shutting of the frame with the membrane. In working position, the frames are secured with snap fastening. The vacuum copying frame is equipped with a non-oil vacuum air pump, which withdraws air from between the glass plate and the membrane. This ensures the fast, very secure and level pressing of the transparency to the screen. For easy manipulation with light-sensitive material, a yellow-light lighting tube is attached to the bottom bar. The material for the rubber membrane and pump are supplied by highly-reputable West European firms and have been used on the PVR frames for many years without any returns or complaints about their quality. The metal parts of the frame are powder-finished and metal plated. We also manufacture PVR frames in large formats according to the specific requirements of the customer.

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