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SPV 1 - Manual screen printing table

SPV 1 - Manual screen printing table
Technical dataSPV 1
Print format760 x 1070 mm
Plate size1000 x 1440 mm
Max. frame size1050 x 1490 mm
Height of printed material0 - 80 mm
Width1800 mm
Length1800 mm
Height open/closed1500 / 1350 mm
Weight160 kg
Elec. Connection 1 N PE 230 V 50 Hz / 16 A
The SPV 1 MANUAL SCREEN PRINTING TABLE is a machine used for the printing of surface materials with a max thickness of 80 mm and a maximum printing format of B1 (760 x 1070 mm).
The main advantages of this equipment include:
  • Even lifting of the screen, which is closely-set in the support frame,
  • Sandwich-style dural printing plate, which guarantees top-quality level, firmness and even feeding.
The plate is vertically convertible from the service place via a regulating bolt and is easily adjusted to the settings of the register. The support frame has conic locks, which fix the screen in the printing position. The table comes with a noiseless, radial air pump (58 dB), automatically regulated when lifting and folding the screen; a hanging squeegee on the support bar with cross guiding; and a gripper, which guides the squeegee, ensuring steady pressure, and thereby guaranteeing quality, even printing over the entire surface, such that all copies in one job are the same without placing great demands on the machine operator. The SPV 1 screen printing table is intended for the commercial printing of surface materials. Its surface has a high-quality finish of pulverized komaxit; heavy-wear parts are made of galvanized metal. This table has been produced for several years already without any returns or complaints based on its quality.

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