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SM 1,SM2 - Manual screen printing table

SM 1,SM2 - Manual screen printing table
Technical dataSM 1SM2
Print format500 x 700 mm700 x 1000 mm
Plate size900 x 1000 mm1000 x 1400 mm
Max. frame size860 x 930 mm1045 x 1325 mm
Height of printed material0 - 80 mm0 - 80 mm
Width1400 mm1600 mm
Length1350 mm1650 mm
Height open/closed1400 / 1200 mm1400 / 1200 mm
Weight80 kg100 kg
Elec. Connection 1 N PE 230 V 50 Hz / 16 A 1 N PE 230 V 50 Hz / 16 A
The SM 1 MANUAL SCREEN PRINTING TABLE, with a one-sided, guided squegee, is intended for the printing of surface materials .
It is solidly built for precise register and complicated printing. The sandwich board, glued from special dural plates, guarantees the quality of long-term levelness as well as even feeding. The board is inserted such that the regulating bolts can be easily adjusted in two axes for precise register. The screen is stabilized by two braces going into the frame with one crosspiece. The frame is hinged around the axis on the back side of the table; the other sides of the table are free, which enables the printing of larger boards or roll printing. A one-sided, guided squeegee runs along a linear ball bearing on the guiding bar, which is fixed to the support frame. A noiseless, radial air pump (58 dB), automatically regulated when lifting and folding the screen, comes with the table. A gripper, which guides the squeegee, ensures steady pressure, thereby guaranteeing high-quality, even printing over the entire surface, such that all copies in one job are the same without placing great demands on the machine operator. The table has a high-quality finish of pulverized komaxit; heavy-wear parts are made of galvanized metal. We guarantee the quality of the table and its functioning for a period of one year.

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